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Jessica. 21 | Aspiring to be on a television near you.

I like imagination -- and the way I think things could be, had been, or should be -- better than reality.

What makes me smile? Watching Doctor Who & I Love Lucy reruns, eating Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and good company.

My dream is to travel around the world.

Hope you enjoy my blog !!
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Angelina Jolie by Michael Clemments (1991)

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Everyone wants to be the sun to lighten up everyone’s life, but why not be the moon, to brighten in the darkest hour.
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“I think there comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life.”

someone do this for me 

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Post-It Notes from a Stay-At-Home Dad.

These were all very entertaining :P

I love how he calls his wife “permanent roommate”

at least my coworker is hot

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